Scribble your timers...

What better way to add a little more zen to your day,
than to make an everyday task more zen and silly?

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About Cutietime

Quick Draw Time (i.e. QDTime) A simple timer that allows you to

  • Start a timer
  • Set the time, shape and even label your timer in a matter of moments.
  • Quietly without interrupting what you are doing….

With a single handed scribble!

Started at Wacom's
Inkathon Hackathon

Wacom and BeMyApp created a hackathon* called Inkathon! We sat down on a weekend and used WACOM's WILL SDK to create a cool new app concept. There were 3 categories of apps: Educational, XR and blank canvas.

We are honored to have won Blank Canvas!

We had so much fun building it, we decided to keep working on it.

*A hackathon is where a couple groups of people get together to try and make something cool on short time. In this case, we had 48 hours to build something we could use.

Cutietime Features

Quick Scribble Number

Simply start a timer, by a one-handed scribble of a number.

Change Shape

Scribble a shape after the number and change the shape of the timer. Square, Triangle or star.

Cross off when done

When timer finished, cross off timer with finger to make timer gone. It animates "poof!"

Pause Timer

Click on cat to pause timer. Click again to continue timer.

Show Labels

Click anywhere to show the timer label - to show how much time left.

Demo Mode

Click anywhere for "?" icon. Click "?" to walk through how to use timer.

Building Away...

First Version at Hackathon

We spent an exhausting 48 hours building our first prototype at Wacom's Inkathon. We had so much fun collaborating and creating this app on a weekend.

May 19, 2019
June 1, 2019

Started working

Finally recovered from exhausting and catching up on other work... We got together to plan out and start working on building Cutietime out, as a side project.

Wacom's Connected Ink Event

We were honored to present at Wacom's Connected Ink event in Tokyo. We showed off the demo app!

Nov 27, 2019


Meet the Team

We had a lot of fun making this initially on a hackathon weekend and have been working on it more.

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